Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Marketing Concepts and Fundamentals (Marketing Quiz - 4)

1. In which of the following stages of new product development is the brainstorming technique used?
[B]Concept testing
[C]Market analysis
[D]Idea generation

2. The order of the steps in the consumer adoption process is
[A]Awareness, Interest, Evaluation, Trial, Adoption
[B]Interest, Evaluation, Awareness, Trial, Adoption
[C]Evaluation, Awareness, Interest, Adoption
[D]Trial, Evaluation, Awareness, Interest, Adoption

3. Which of the following is/are included in product mix?
[A]Product length
[B]Product width
[C]Product depth
[D]All of the above

4. The level of product which gives actual benefit to the basic consumer need is
[A]Augmented Product
[B]Actual Product
[C]Core Product
[D]Product Mix

5. The pricing strategy, where a low quality product is offered at a high price, is called
[A]Super value strategy
[B]High value strategy
[C]Medium value strategy
[D]Rip-off strategy

6. Supermarkets and department stores often drop the prices on well-known brands to stimulate additional store traffic. Such pricing is called
[A]Special event pricing
[B]Cash rebates
[C]Low interest financing
[D]Loss leader pricing

7. Which type of advertising is most appropriate for introducing new product categories?
[A]Reminder advertising
[B]Informative advertising
[C]Persuasive advertising
[D]Comparison advertising

8. When a coffee shop in an airport and a fine restaurant in a luxury hotel charge different prices for the same meal to customers who find the atmosphere in the hotel worth the difference, which of the following methods of pricing is used?
[A]Markup pricing
[B]Going-rate pricing
[C]Sealed-bid pricing
[D]Value-based pricing

9. When a service firm effectively trains and motivates its customer-contact employees and the support personnel to work as a team to provide customer satisfaction, it is practicing
[A]Results-oriented marketing
[B]Internal marketing
[C]Interactive marketing
[D]Marketing myopia

10. Sandy has decided to go to Wofford College because of the scholarships she will receive. Which stage of the Buying Decision Process is Sandy in?
[A]Problem Recognition
[B]Post Purchase
[C]Information Search

11. When IBM and Apple Computer announced a joint operation to develop a new computer operating system, it was an example of a (n)
[A]Corporate marketing system
[B]Administered marketing system
[C]Conglomerate marketing system
[D]Horizontal marketing system

12. Which of the following statements best reflects the definition of a product?
[A]A product is anything that is offered to the market for need satisfaction
[B]Services are intangible and do not result in the ownership of anything
[C]Organizations tend to compete at the augmented product level
[D]All of the above statements are true vis-à-vis definition of a product

13. In terms of buyer decision processes, if Naina looks for reading material, phones friends, and seeks out information about laptops because she is thinking of buying one, she is said to be in
[A]A state of heightened attention
[B]Active information search
[C]Exploratory prepurchase mode
[D]The dynamic exchange paradigm

14. When a university charges tuition fee that does not cover costs, knowing that it must rely on private endowments and public grants to cover the remainder, which of the following pricing objectives is the university pursuing?
[B]Product-quality leadership
[C]Partial cost recovery
[D]Full cost recovery

15. A themed TV programme, typically 30 minutes long, during which the features or virtues of a product are discussed by 'experts', is known as
[C]Consumer affairs
[D]Home shopping

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