Monday, March 26, 2012

English Words - Improve Spoken English(Vocabulary Quiz - 127)

1. Flit
[A]Pompous; Bombastic; Using High-Sounded Language
[C]Fly; Dart Lightly; Pass Swiftly By
[D]Showing Excitement; Overflowing With Enthusiasm

2. Forensic
[A]New Or Newly Coined Word Or Phrase
[B]Suitable To Debate Or Courts Of Law
[C]Bitter Scolding; Invective
[D]Calculating, Pertaining To Insurance Statistics

3. Frenetic
[A]Oval; Ambiguous, Either Purposely Or Because Key Words Have Been Left Out
[B]Foreshadow; Portend
[C]Extremely Dry; Very Thirsty
[D]Frenzied; Frantic

4. Gape
[A]Petty Details
[B]Opinion Contrary To Popular Belief; Opinion Contrary To Accepted Religion
[C]Ring Of Leaves Around Stem; Ring
[D]Open Widely

5. Germinal
[A]Smear (As With Paint)
[B]Contradict; Give A False Impression
[C]Kingdom; Sphere
[D]Pertaining To Germ; Creative

6. Gorge
[A]Very Small Object Or Creature; Small Coin
[B]Cut Off Part Of Body; Prune
[D]Small, Steep-Walled Canyon

7. Grimace
[A]Emancipate; Free From Bondage
[B]Insignificant; Tiny; Weak
[C]Agent Which Brings About A Chemical Change While It Remains Unaffected And Unchanged
[D]A Facial Distortion To Show Feeling Such As Pain, Disgust, Etc.

8. Haphazard
[A]Give An Imitation That Ridicules
[B]Determine Votes, Etc.
[C]Random; By Chance
[D]Group That Meets Socially; Select Circle

9. Hermitage
[A]Indifference; Lack Of Interest
[B]Coarsely Insulting; Physically Harmful
[C]Not Able To Be Corrected Or Repaired
[D]Home Of A Hermit

10. Hovel
[A]Extreme Poverty
[B]Quality Of A Musical Tone Produced By A Musical Instrument
[C]Start A Fire; Inspire
[D]Shack; Small, Wretched House

11. Ideology
[A]Outwit; Baffle
[B]Gradual Wearing Down
[C]Accidental; Casual
[D]Ideas Of A Group Of People

12. Impenetrable
[A]Come Together
[B]Not Able To Be Pierced Or Entered; Beyond Understanding
[C]Goodness; Moral Excellence; Good Quality
[D]Familiar Friends

13. Impolitic
[A]Foolish; Idiotic
[B]Not Wise
[C]Easily Understood
[D]Expressing Possibility; Latent

14. Incendiary
[B]Pleasing To Taste Or Smell
[C]Ransack; Thoroughly Search

15. Incontinent
[A]Somewhat Saline
[B]Three-Pronged Spear
[C]Lacking Self-Restraint; Licentious
[D]Outer Boundary

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