Monday, March 26, 2012

UGC NET Marketing Management (Marketing Management Quiz - 3)

1. Reinforcement advertising is a form of
[A]Reminder Advertising
[B]Persuasive Advertising
[C]Informative Advertising
[D]Comparative Advertising

2. Which of the following methods of pricing does Bata, the leading footwear company, follows when it prices its products at such price points as Rs. 599.95?
[B]Perceived Value

3. Manufactures of razors and cameras often price them low and set high mark-ups on razor blades and films respectively. This method of pricing is known as
[A]Two-Part Pricing
[B]By-product Pricing
[C]Captive Product Pricing
[D]Mark-up Pricing

4. BPL Sanyo brand of televisions is an example of a/an
[B]Flanker Brand
[C]Brand Extension
[D]Umbrella Branding

5. Which of the following describes the buying behavior, where customer involvement is high and significant differences between brands exist?
[A]Habitual buying behavior
[B]Variety seeking behavior
[C]Complex buying behavior
[D]Dissonance reducing buying behavior

6. The shift in marketing from trying to maximize profit on individual transactions to maximizing mutually beneficial relationships with consumers and others is called
[A]Social marketing
[B]Green marketing
[C]Mega marketing
[D]Relationship marketing

7. If Levi Strauss company decides to enter the sportswear market, in which it currently has no presence, it would be pursuing which growth strategy?
[A]Market penetration
[B]Market development
[C]Product development

8. Marketing chewable vitamins for children and a different version for adults is an example of
[A]Geographic segmentation
[B]Psychographic segmentation
[C]Regional segmentation
[D]Age and life-cycle segmentation

9. Elena intends to buy her favorite brand of camera but her best friend persuades her to buy the lowestpriced one. Which of the following can be said to have influenced her purchase decision?
[A]Purchase intention
[B]The self-concept
[C]External influences
[D]Unexpected situational factors

10. A firm that bases its price on how it thinks the competitors will price, rather than on its own costs or demand, in order to win a contract, is most likely using
[A]Going-rate pricing
[B]Cost-plus pricing
[C]Perceived-value pricing
[D]Sealed-bid pricing

11. When Julie gives her customers her card during a sale and invites them to call with any questions they might have later, which of the following levels of relationship marketing is Julie practicing?
[A]The basic level
[B]The reactive level
[C]The accountable level
[D]The proactive level

12. If Wrigley’s makes bubble gum and sells it through middlemen, who market it under individual store brands, which type of brand-sponsorship is Wrigley’s utilizing?
[A]Manufacturer's brand
[B]Slotting brand
[C]Private brand
[D]Licensed brand

13. Which of the following are runner-up companies that aggressively attack competitors to get more market share?
[A]Market leaders
[B]Market challengers
[C]Market followers
[D]Market nichers

14. What is market segmentation based on customer’s values and lifestyles, known as?

15. Ellen decided to conduct an experiment in her mall's car park to see if shoppers would respond to a lower parking price to park in some of the under-utilized sections of the car park. Which of the following types of market research was Ellen using?

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