Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spoken English Vocabulary Improvement (Vocabulary Quiz - 128)

1. Induce
[A]Variegated; Multicolored
[B]Urge; Start; Provoke
[C]Quack; Pretender To Knowledge
[D]Persuade; Bring About

2. Infraction
[B]Falling Off As Of Leaves
[D]Familiar Friends

3. Inscrutable
[A]Slander; Vilify
[D]Incomprehensive; Not To Be Discovered

4. Internecine
[A]Yield; Give In; Die
[B]Mutually Destructive
[C]Physician Specializing In Delivery Of Babies
[D]Introductory Statement

5. Invulnerable
[A]Incapable Of Being Pacified
[B]Incapable Of Injury
[C]Frugality; Thrift; Agriculture
[D]Bully; Scoundrel

6. Jeopardy
[A]Secure Or Fasten Firmly
[C]Exposure To Death Or Danger
[D]Thrift; Economy

7. Knavery
[A]Lessen Sadness Or Disappointment; Give Comfort
[B]Beer Mug
[D]Speaking Several Languages

8. Latent
[B]Dormant; Hidden
[C]Tending To Overthrow Or Ruin

9. Libidinous
[A]Homesickness; Longing For The Past
[B]Lust Full
[C]Startling Twist; Caprice
[D]Remedy; Comprehension

10. Lucid
[A]Businessman; Contractor
[B]Dejected; Dispirited
[C]Become Worse; Deteriorate
[D]Easily Understood

11. Magnate
[A]Oval; Ambiguous, Either Purposely Or Because Key Words Have Been Left Out
[B]Addition Of Details; Intricacy
[C]Doubtful; Ambiguous
[D]Person Of Prominence Or Influence

12. Manipulate
[A]Protecting Molding On Building (Usually Above Columns)
[B]Broad Comedy; Mockery
[C]Trunk Of Statue With Head And Limbs Missing; Human Trunk
[D]Operate With Hands

13. Mawkish
[A]Stick Together
[B]Sickening; Insipid
[D]Imagined; Unreal

14. Metropolis
[A]Impertinent; Forward
[B]Yellowed; Prejudiced; Envious
[C]Large City
[D]Break Up Ground After Plowing; Torture

15. Miscellany
[A]Bored With Pleasure Or Dissipation
[B]Mixture Of Writings On Various Subjects
[C]Bringing Into Conformity With Reason
[D]Impertinent; Forward

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