Monday, March 5, 2012

General Knowledge Quiz - 117 (Current GK)

1. Which of the following is the highest peak in undisputed Indian Territory?
[B]Nanga Parbat
[C]Mount Everest
[D]Nanda Devi

2. Which one of the following is not a sea port?

3. Which of the following is an inland drainage area?
[A]Chilka Region
[B]Sambhar area
[C]Rann of Kutch
[D]Mansarovar lake

4. What is the forest type found in Sunderbans?
[B]Tropical deciduous
[C]Tropical evergreen
[D]Temperate coniferous

5. Who is the goddess of love in Greek Mythology?

6. Who was the first Asian to become the Secretary General of the UN?
[A]Trygve Lie
[B]Dag Hammarskjold
[C]U Thant
[D]Dr Kurt Waldheim

7. Who is the only Indian tennis player to reach the semifinal of Wimbledon tennis singles?
[A]Vijay Amritraj
[B]Leander Paes
[C]Ramanathan Krishnan
[D]Mahesh Bhupati

8. Who was the first winner of the Booker Prize?
[A]William Golding
[B]PH Newby
[C]JM Coetzee
[D]Peter Carey

9. Who among the following writers refused the Nobel Prize for Literature?
[A]Winston Churchill
[B]Tony Morisson
[C]Jean Paul Sartre
[D]Rene Sully Prudhomme

10. When did UNICEF win the Nobel Peace Prize?

11. What are the arteries supplying blood to the heart called?
[A]Carotid arteries
[B]Hepatic arteries
[C]Coronary arteries
[D]Pulmonary arteries

12. Which of the following accomplishes the transfer of genetic information from one generation to the next?

13. Native to the island of Java in Indonesia, which among the following is a wax-resist dyeing technique used on textile?
[D]Chain Stitch

14. In which city, situated at the confluence of sacred rivers Ganga and Gandak, is the biggest cattle fair of Asia held on Kartik Purnima?
[A]Junagarh (Gujarat)
[B]Pushkar (Rajasthan)
[C]Sonepur (Bihar)
[D]Ahmedabad (Gujarat)

15. In 1969, under whose Prime Ministership were 14 private banks nationalised?
[A]Indira Gandhi
[B]Lal Bahadur Shastri
[C]Jawaharlal Nehru
[D]Morarji Desai

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Unknown said...

1st one answer is nanda devi, nanga parbat