Monday, March 5, 2012

Vocabulary Quiz - 113(CAT, XAT, SNAP, MAT, CET)

1. Placid
[A]Pertinent; Bearing Upon The Case At Hand
[B]Peaceful; Calm
[C]Light; Heavenly; Fine

2. Politic
[A]Remainder; Balance
[B]Expedient; Prudent; Well Devised
[C]Beak; Pen Point
[D]Differing In Some Characteristics; Various

3. Precedent
[A]Explain Or Go Over Excessively Or To A Ridiculous Degree; Attach Verbally
[B]Preceding In Time, Rank, Etc.
[C]Strict; Stern
[D]Person Who Maintains Opinions Contrary To The Doctrines Of The Church

4. Protrude
[A]Order; Charge
[B]Easy Broken; Difficult
[C]Stick Out
[D]Living As The Same Time As; Contemporary

5. Pulchritude
[A]Strict; Stern
[B]One Opposed To Force; Antimilitarist
[C]Beauty; Comeliness
[D]Small Allowance Or Wage

6. Quaint
[A]Occupy Fully
[B]Odd; Old-Fashioned; Picturesque
[C]Pertaining To Drama
[D]Pertaining To Germ; Creative

7. Rail
[A]Abstruse; Profound; Secret
[B]Spur; Motive
[C]Fill Up Again
[D]Scold; Rant

8. Reactionary
[A]Cajole; Coax; Deceive By Flattery
[B]Recoiling From Progress; Retrograde
[C]Quote; Command
[D]Imposing; Impressive

9. Recurrent
[A]To Make Liquids Murky By Stirring Up Sediment
[B]Dark; Not Transparent
[C]Occurring Again And Again

10. Relevancy
[A]One Who Is Skeptical Of The Existence Or Knowability Of A God Or Any Ultimate Reality
[B]Regretful; Sorrowful; Dejected
[C]Pertinence; Reference To The Case In Hand
[D]Watching; Guarding

11. Replica
[A]Rude; Clownish
[C]Cheerfulness; Kindness; Sympathy
[D]Pertaining To The Art Of Delineating; Vividly Described

12. Respite
[A]Inactive; Lacking Power To Move
[C]Delay In Punishment; Interval Of Relief; Rest
[D]Dig Into

13. Revelry
[A]Long Heroic Poem Or Similar Work Of Art
[B]Occurring Or Taking Place Within The Subject; Unreal
[C]Boisterous Merrymaking

14. Ruddy
[A]Lustfulness; Impurity In Thought And Deed
[B]Reddish; Healthy-Looking
[C]Rescue From Loss
[D]Wasted Away; Gaunt

15. Sanguine
[A]Not To Be Taken Away; Nontransferable
[B]Cheerful; Hopeful
[C]Urge On

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