Friday, February 3, 2012

General Knowledge Quiz - 92

1. The first war of independence began on 10th May, 1857 at

2. The partition of Bengal took place in

3. Who was the Prime Minister of Britain at the time of India’s independence?
[A]Winston Churchill
[B]Clement Atlee
[C]Ramsay Macdonald
[D]Lord Mountbatten

4. The Indian National Congress was founded by
[A]Motilal Nehru
[B]Mahatma Gandhi
[C]Dadabhai Naoroji
[D]AO Hume

5. Which of the following high courts has jurisdiction over more than one state?

6. Our Constitution describes India as a
[A]a federation
[B]a quassi-federal form
[C]a union of states
[D]a council of states

7. The youngest mountain range in the world is

8. At what temperature is the reading same in both Centigrade and Fahrenheit scales?
[A]98 degree Celsius
[B]40 degree Celsius
[C]-40 degree Celsius
[D]100 degree Celsius

9. Which of the following is the largest producer of copper?
[C]South Africa

10. Which line separates Afghanistan from India?
[A]Macmohan Line
[B]Durand Line
[C]Radcliff Line
[D]Panchsheel Line

11. The Parliament of Japan is known as

12. In which dynasty's reign Confucianism arose?
[A]Han Dynasty
[B]Chou Dynasty
[C]Shang Dynasty
[D]Chin dynasty

13. Which one of the following civilizations was the first to introduce a system of selecting public officials on the basis of education and competitive examination?
[A]Chinese civilization
[B]Roman civilization
[C]Aryan civilization
[D]Greek civilization

14. Khajuraho is in which state of India?
[A]Madhya Pradesh
[D]Uttar Pradesh

15. The rock-cut temple of Kailashnath is situated at which place?

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