Friday, February 3, 2012

Vocabulary Quiz - 91

1. Ichthyology
[A]Consequence; Accompaniment
[B]Study Of Fish
[C]State Of Being Inappropriate
[D]Middle Class

2. Ignoble
[B]Of Lowly Origin; Unworthy
[C]Solemn Curse

3. Illusion
[A]Disconcert; Dismay
[B]Amount Produced; Crop; Income On Investment
[C]Regretful; Sorrowful; Dejected
[D]Misleading Vision

4. Immutable
[A]Lacking Self-Restraint; Licentious
[C]A Doctor Who Treats Mental Diseases
[D]Ordinary; Commonplace

5. Impasse
[A]Scold Strongly
[B]Condition In Which Blood Lacks Red Corpuscles
[C]Soaked; Dull, As If From Drink
[D]Predicament From Which There Is No Escape

6. Impede
[A]Overstock; Fill To Excess
[B]Guarantee; Assurance By Seller
[C]In Confusion; Disorderly
[D]Hinder; Block; Delay

7. Impervious
[A]To Make Liquids Murky By Stirring Up Sediment
[B]Public Records; Place Where Public Records Are Kep
[C]Not Penetrable; Not Permitting Passage Through
[D]Presumptuous; Arrogant

8. Impious
[A]The State Of Having Contradictory Or Conflicting Emotional Attitudes
[C]Act Of Assuming A Human Body And Human Nature
[D]Accidental Transposition Of Sounds In Successive Words

9. Import
[C]Maker And Seller Of Eyeglasses

10. Impoverished
[A]Descent; Ancestry
[B]Maker And Seller Of Eyeglasses
[C]Boat Or Yacht Race

11. Improvise
[A]Maker And Seller Of Eyeglasses
[B]Compose On The Spur Of The Moment
[C]Remainder; Balance
[D]Trace; Remains

12. Inaugurate
[A]Recover; Find And Bring In
[B]Start; Initiate; Install At Office
[C]Shrink Quivering, As From Fear

13. Incarnate
[A]Charm; Talisman
[B]Endowed With Flesh; Personified
[C]Means; Effort
[D]Cleansing Agent

14. Incipient
[A]Combative; Bellicose
[B]Deceive; Delude
[C]Beginning; In An Early Stage

15. Inclined
[A]Of Trifling Significance
[B]Tending Or Leaning Toward; Bent
[C]Not Frank; Eluding
[D]Not Able To Be Pierced Or Entered; Beyond Understanding

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