Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Vocabulary Quiz - 87

1. Entomology
[A]Hackneyed; Commonplace; Trite
[C]Study Of Insects
[D]Questionable Medicine

2. Enumerate
[A]Relating To Races
[C]List; Mention One By One
[D]Disown; Disavow

3. Epic
[B]Long Heroic Poem Or Similar Work Of Art
[D]Black Magic; Dealings With The Dead

4. Equanimity
[A]Effort; Expenditure Of Much Physical Work
[B]Solemn Wonder
[C]Brief; Terse; Compact
[D]Calmness Of Temperament

5. Escapade
[A]Treacherous Plot
[B]Prank; Flighty Conduct
[C]Crucial; Key; Vital
[D]Violation Of Law; Sin

6. Esteem
[A]Consider; Ponder
[C]Respect; Value; Judge
[D]Yielding; Timid

7. Etymology
[C]Agreeable; Lovable
[D]Study Of Word Parts

8. Exacerbate
[A]Measure Of Temperature Used Widely In Europe
[B]Rider On Horseback
[C]Worsen; Embitter
[D]Connoisseur Of Food And Drink

9. Excise
[A]Acquit; Exculpate
[B]Cut Away; Cut Out
[C]One Who Fits Glasses To Remedy Visual Defects
[D]Gallop Softly

10. Exhort
[A]Command; Arrange; Consecrate
[B]Soothing Application Applied To Sore And Inflamed Portions Of The Body

11. Exorbitant
[A]Path Taken By A Projectile
[B]Cheerful Promptness
[D]Increase Or Intensify

12. Expedient
[A]List Of Works Of Music, Drama, Etc., A Performer Is Prepared To Present
[C]Specialized Knowledge; Expert Skill
[D]Suitable; Practical; Politic

13. Expurgate
[A]Walking About; Moving
[B]Animal Or Plant Living On Another; Toady; Sycophant
[C]Scrupulous; Careful
[D]Clean; Remove Offensive Parts Of A Book

14. Extort
[A]Small Speck
[B]Supply; Allotted Demand; Assigned Portion Of Work
[C]Wring From; Get Money By Threats, Etc.
[D]Formidable; Causing Fear

15. Fabricate
[A]Drink In
[B]Greediness For Wealth
[C]Build; Lie
[D]Study Of Fish

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