Wednesday, January 25, 2012

General Knowledge Quiz - 86

1. K. Sera Sera productions is a property of
[A] B.R. Chopra
[B] Anana Desai
[C] Mushir Riaz
[D] Ramgopal Verma

2. The force on the sail of a ship varies as the area of the sail and the velocity of the wind (v). When the velocity is 36, the force on a square sail is 57.6. All the same velocity, what will be the force on a similar sail whose dimensions are 1.5 times the first one?
[D] Indeterminable

3. The metal mercury:
[A] Is the hardest known metal
[B] Is a liquid at room temperature
[C] Is highly radioactive
[D] Is extensively used in aircraft construction

4. Fill in the right option to complete this slogan. Muhn Mein ___________ Kadmo Mein Duniya
[A] Bubble Double
[B] Boomer
[C] Tulsi Zarda
[D] Rajnigandha (Pan Masala)

5. An aircraft takes off at the speed of 100 km/hr at an angle of 30o runaway. What is the velocity of the aircraft along the runway?
[A] 86.6 km/hr
[B] 76 km/hr
[C] 70 km/hr
[D] 50 km/hr

6. Which international brands were acquired by Tata Motors for an approximate price of $2.3 billion in 2008?
[A] Jaguar-Land Rover
[B] Chrysler
[C] Chevrolet
[D] Mercedes

7. A coin is dropped at refractive index of 4/3. The real depth of coin is 28 cm. The coin would be apparently appear to be at the depth of
[A] 80 cms
[B] 25 cms
[C] 20 cms
[D] 21 cms

8. Unlike most other fish, sharks have no:
[A] Bones
[B] Teeth
[C] Gills
[D] Liver

9. A market where goods are sold by evading taxes is known as
[A] Black Market
[B] Silent market
[C] Fudge market
[D] None of these

10. A current of 4 amp from 250 V source flow through an electric iron for 2 hours. The energy consumed will be
[A] 1 Kwh
[B] 4 Kwh
[C] 1.5 Kwh
[D] 2 Kwh

11. The Term Blue Revolution means
[A] Creating Jobs
[B] Space Program
[C] Yamuna Action Plan
[D] Fishries

12. Which of following combination is correct?
[A] Andaman Express: Chennai to Jammu Tawi
[B] Gitanjali Express: Mumbai to Jammu Tawi
[C] Hirakud Express: Puri to Amritsar
[D] Navyug Express: Mangalore to Howrah

13. Renowned fast food chain McDonalds started operations in India in the year

14. Which one of the following is not correct about Palagummi Sainath?
[A] Development journalist
[B] Expert on famine and hunger
[C] Former student of Delhi University
[D] Grand son of former president V.V. Giri

15. Which Indian company acquired US-based power company Intergen for $1.1 billion in 2008?
[C] L & T
[D] Reliance-ADA

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