Thursday, January 26, 2012

Vocabulary Quiz - 88

1. Facilitate
[A]Rescue From Loss
[B]Make Less Difficult
[C]Swindle; Cheat
[D]Related To Monks

2. Fallible
[A]Person Who Appeals To People'S Prejudice
[B]Scorn; Disdain
[C]Liable To Err
[D]Additional Object; Useful But Not Essential Thing

3. Fastidious
[A]Incomprehensive; Not To Be Discovered
[B]Religious Image; Idol
[C]Broad-Bladed Instrument Used For Spreading Or Mixing
[D]Difficult To Please; Squeamish

4. Fawning
[A]Very Fat
[B]Courting Behavior By Cringing And Flattering
[C]Private; Peculiar To An Individual

5. Ferret
[A]Gentle Breeze; West Wind
[B]Having A Deteriorating Or Depreciating Effect On The Meaning Of A Word
[C]Drive Or Hunt Out Of Hiding
[D]An Assumed Name

6. Festive
[A]Serve As An Example Of; Embody
[B]Cloy; Overfeed
[C]Joyous; Celebratory
[D]Unrefined; Coarse

7. Fiat
[B]Word For Word
[D]New Or Newly Coined Word Or Phrase

8. Finesse
[A]Boring; Tiring
[B]Delicate Skill
[C]Firm Grasp Or Footing
[D]Lay Eggs

9. Fitful
[A]Lacking Caution; Injudicious
[B]Spasmodic; Intermittent
[C]Pertinence; Reference To The Case In Hand
[D]Played In An Abrupt Manner; Marked By Abrupt Sharp Sound

10. Fledgling
[B]Foreshadow; Portend
[C]Variety; Dissimilitude

11. Flippancy
[A]Opinion Contrary To Popular Belief; Opinion Contrary To Accepted Religion
[B]Desert; Abandon; Renounce
[C]Broken Fragments
[D]Trifling Gaiety

12. Flotsam
[A]Similarity; Using Comparisons Such As Similes
[B]Drifting Wreckage
[C]Tending Or Leaning Toward; Bent
[D]Join; Unite

13. Foible
[A]Hostile Feeling Or Intent
[B]Weakness; Slight Fault
[C]Cautious; Careful
[D]Wise Saying; Proverb

14. Foolhardy
[A]Acquit; Exculpate
[B]Slow Up; Loosen
[C]Insert Between

15. Formality
[B]Favoritism (To A Relative)
[C]Adherence To Established Rules Or Procedures
[D]Fond Statement

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