Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Project Management Quiz - 63

1. “I cannot test the software until I code the software”. This expression describes which of the following dependencies?
[C]Mandatory or hard

2. On large projects, detailed documentation:
[A]Should be avoided to the extent possible since it adds to bureaucracy and project costs
[B]Has costs that typically lie in the 10%-15% range
[C]Is needed to keep track of what is happening
[D]A and B

3. The Project Management Plan should be formally accepted by the:
[A]Project Manager
[B]Project Manager, Sponsor and project team
[C]Project Manager and Sponsor

4. A project may be undertaken to address:
[A]A new business need
[B]Maintain a running process
[D]Manufacture a car battery

5. The quality considerations to be followed in the project is decided:
[A]During it's execution
[B]By the quality department
[C]At the beginning of the project
[D]Depending on the project's cost

6. The objective of operations is to:
[A]Sustain a company's existing business
[B]Make a company's operations more efficient
[C]Address routine work
[D]All of the above

7. There are many reasons why project management has become a key discipline. Indicate which one of the following is NOT true:
[A]Pressure to compress time
[B]One market place and many suppliers
[C]New business reality of globalization
[D]Pressure to improve operational efficiency

8. Project management is becoming a key discipline across all sectors and it is used effectively in managing:
[C]Totality of a project from beginning to an end
[D]All of the above

9. The development of modern project management began in:

10. An arrow network diagramming technique known as ADM uses:
[A]Arrows to show activities and circular nodes for events
[B]Arrows and Rectangular nodes
[C]Only arrows
[D]Arrows, circular nodes and rectangular nodes

11. Project management is an ideal discipline to:
[A]Manage large and complex projects
[B]Manage high value projects
[C]Manage all projects
[D]Manage only construction related projects

12. Project management cannot be used to:
[A]Introduce change
[B]Introduce new business procedures
[C]Manage change
[D]Manufacture cars

13. What do the three sides of the conventional triangle in project management represent:
[A]Scope, time and cost
[B]Customer, time and cost
[C]Quality, customer and scope
[D]Scope, time and quality

14. In today's context of globalization, the major emphasis is now shifting to:
[A]Reduction in time by becoming faster
[B]Savings in cost from the budget to improve IRR
[C]Better with quality
[D]All the above

15. A project life cycle comprises of:
[A]Many phases
[B]1 phase only
[C]The time till product is functioning
[D]Many project managers

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