Wednesday, January 18, 2012

IT Quiz - 2

1. The technique used for long distance transmission, which sends more than one call over a single line, is called
[A]Dual Bus Model
[C]Cellular Telephony

2. Which of the following documents serve as confirmation or proof for their recipients that certain transactions have occurred?
[A]Action documents
[B]Turn-around documents
[C]Information documents
[D]Control documents

3. Which of the following statements is used to execute body of the loop at least once in a ‘C’ program?
[A]While statement
[B]Do while statement
[C]If statement
[D]If-else statement

4. In UNIX, the command that displays the list of current users is
[C]write user
[D]user name

5. In a flowchart, questions are represented by ___________ decision symbols.

6. The capacity of the program to recognize when to begin a new line and automatically move words to the next line is called
[A]Word wrapping
[B]Word alignment
[C]Word justification
[D]Word construction

7. Web browser and DBMS query languages and report generators enable managers at PC workstations to get immediate responses or find and obtain customized reports as a result of their requests for the information they need. Such reports are termed as
[A]Demand reports and responses
[B]Exception reports
[C]Periodic scheduled reports
[D]Push reports

8. An original operating system had an OS called the system and a separate shell called the finder. Identify it.
[A]Macintosh OS
[C]MS-Windows 3.x

9. Which of the following is an Input device?

10. Which of the following is not true about Horizontal Application Programs?
[A]These are used across functional divisions of a company
[B]These are special purpose programs
[C]They address many needs such as writing (word processing), working with numbers (spreadsheets) and keeping track of information (databases)
[D]The softwares included in this category are word processing software, spreadsheet programs, presentation graphics software etc

11. The basic command of SQL consists of the following subcommands
[A]Select, From, What
[B]Select, From, When
[C]Select, From, Where
[D]Select, From, If

12. The most widely used Shell is
[A]Korn Shell
[B]C Shell
[C]C++ Shell
[D]Bourne Shell

13. Which of the following reads a floating-point value in C programming language?
[A]% e
[B]% x
[C]% h
[D]% i

14. This determines whether requests made by a user are for the local operating system or for a server on the network.
[B]Physical layout

15. The information stored in the database at a particular moment is called a (an)
[A]Instance of the database
[B]Schema of the database
[C]Data Redundancy
[D]Data Integrity

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