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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Business Communications Quiz - 6

1. The successful working of a group depends to a great extent on its ability to meet the expectations of its members. Which of the following factors does this represent?
[A]Size of the group
[B]Longevity of the group
[C]Perception and self-concept of the group members
[D]Leadership of the group

2. The general plan for a sales messages follows the AIDA structure, which means
[A]Attention, interest, desire, and action
[B]Ambiguity, intellect, drive, and attention
[C]Analyze, invite, dictate, and alert
[D]Address, interest, dominate, and alert

3. The study of the non-verbal symbols is divided into three main areas: paralanguage, proxemics, and kinesics. What does proxemics mean?
[A]A study of the tone of voice, the loudness, rate of speech, etc.
[B]A study of how people use the physical space around them
[C]A study of body moments and facial expressions
[D]A study of how particular words have an impact on the receivers

4. Which of the following is suited for presenting information through description of physical relationships or procedures?
[A]Pie chart
[C]Bar graph

5. There are three letter formats that are usually used for writing commercial letters. Two of the formats are Block, Modified block. Which of the following is the third one?
[A]Simplified block
[B]Complicated block
[C]Stretched block
[D]Structured block

6. If your audience do not know you, what do you need to do in the initial portion of your message to earn their confidence?
[A]Gain credibility
[B]Announce your name
[C]Use a friendly opening sentence
[D]State your points and present your evidence

7. There are many ways in which organizational communication flows. In which of the following, communication flows between the units or individuals of the same hierarchical level?
[A]Lateral communication
[B]Informal communication
[C]Upward communication
[D]Downward communication

8. When an employee asks a question or reports a problem to his or her supervisor, this is an example of which direction of communication?

9. People often put an invisible boundary between themselves and others. This is called the personal feature space. What is the zone, which is within the radius of 18 inches around a person and is reserved for close relations and friends
[A]Intimate zone
[B]Personal zone
[C]Social zone
[D]Public zone

10. Here the speaker wants the audience to agree with the proposition that brand x coolers are better than brand y coolers. His speech goes like this Introduction
I. By the end of this month we have to make a decision about the coolers to be installed.
II. We have two alternatives available cooler x and y
Statement of proposition: Cooler x is superior to cooler y Body
I. cooler x is cheaper
II. Cooler x has state of the art technology
III. Cooler x is highly portable Conclusion
I hope you will give a careful consideration to cooler x.
Which structure does the speaker follow while organizing the speech in the above example?

11. When a letter is written for something, to which the writer thinks he/she is entitled, the letter is called a claim letter. A response to the claim letter is termed as
[A]Good news letter
[B]Routine letter
[C]Adjustment letter
[D]Commercial letter

12. By evaluating the words, facial expressions, and behavior of the receivers, the supervisor is using which of the following communication techniques?
[A]Overcoming communication barriers
[B]Using strategies for effective listening
[C]Learning from feedback
[D]Encoding and decoding properly

13. Visual aids help communicate the subject matter more vividly; these tools can attract and hold the attention of the audience. Which type of visual aid is suggestible to present the data about the percentage of people who possess Mercedes Benz cars out of the potential car customers in Hyderabad?
[A]Pie diagram
[B]Gantt chart
[C]Bar chart
[D]Line graph

14. To promote the listener’s comprehension of your ideas, and to maintain attention at a high level, you should organize the body of your speech into meaningful patterns. It is advisable to use spatial pattern
[A]When you want to present the effects resulting from various causes
[B]When you want to explain the processes, in presentation of historic events, and in relating personal experiences
[C]When you want to present speeches describing a scene, a location, or a geographical distribution
[D]When you want to present several facts of a topic that are obviously related and consistent with the subject of the speech

15. Neena sells computer systems. One client, Murty specifically tells her that he knows little about computers and that he needs a system for his office. Neena knows exactly the right computer for Murty that is currently on sale at a good price. She immediately steers Murty to the system she has in mind, saying “I think you will like this system, Murty, it is very popular, it has a 60mhz 486 microprocessor,8 mb of RAM, all you will ever need. It comes loaded with software, even has a math comprocessor. Of course, if you like, you could start with a 4 mb system that’s fully expandable…”
“Wow, Neena,” Murty replied, “may be I need to think about this some more.” To himself, he thought,“I think I will call Vijay and ask him where he bought his computer.”
In the given situation Neena failed to make the sale because
[A]Computer was not up to the expectations of Murty
[B]May be price offered by Neena is not good
[C]Neena failed to understand Murty’s needs and confused him with her sales pitch
[D]Murty did not make up his mind to buy computer