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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Business Communications Quiz - 7

1. Many elements are to be included while writing a report. Which of the following elements contains a brief technical summary?
[A]Letter of transmittal
[B]Table of contents
[D]Executive summary

2. Which of the following is the ‘core statement’
I. “Andhra Pradesh is experiencing a sharp increase in petrol consumption”
II. “It is increasing in the south”
III. “Petrol consumption is increasing in all parts of India”
IV. “Petrol pumps in Hyderabad and surrounding areas report a 52% increase in sales volume”
V. “The Deccan Chronicle reports that central Andhra Pradesh is witnessing an increase in the number of new petrol pumps.
[A](I) only
[B](I) and (II) above
[C](III) only
[D](III) and (IV) above

3. In which of the following ways audience can be persuaded to act upon receiving the message?
[A]By sending repeated messages
[B]By pointing out their benefits
[C]By following up a written message with a telephone call
[D]By asking them to take action

4. While organizing the message what does the last section of the body of a sales letter usually do?
[A]It closes with a resale offer
[B]Asks the reader to take some action towards buying or getting more information about the product
[C]Concludes with a discussion of the benefits of the product
[D]It generates a desire in the audience to buy the product

5. Which of the following situations requires a persuasive letter instead of a claim letter?
[A]A wholesaler marked down the price of a product two days after you placed the order.
[B]A wholesaler charged more for the product than advertised
[C]A company did not deliver a product by the date promised
[D]A product does not live up to advertised expectations

6. Listening is the most frequent, perhaps the most important type of on-the-job communication. Most managers agree that “active listening” is the most crucial skill for becoming a successful manager. Hence, the activities involved in effective listening are
[A]Looking at the speaker and physically hearing a message
[B]Physically receiving a message
[C]Physically receiving a message, interpreting, remembering, evaluating and responding
[D]Physically receiving a message and interpreting it

7. Mr. Sreeram entered into boss’s room to submit his weekly report. As Sreeram sits in front of boss’s table, boss sat back expansively, wraps his arm over the back of the chair and stretched out his legs in front. The message boss is trying to convey to Sreeram in this situation is that, he is
[D]Not happy

8. Many approaches are followed to write reports, based on the intended purpose of the report. In which of the following situations the direct approach is more suitable in writing reports?
[A]When the reader is skeptical about the topic of the report
[B]When the reader is hostile to the topic of the report
[C]When the reader already trusts you and has a positive or neutral attitude towards your topic
[D]When the reader is doubtful about your credibility

9. An opening sentence can make or break your written communication. Suppose, you are sending a potential customer a catalog he or she asked for. The best of the opening sentences for your message is
[A]‘Enclosed is the catalog of our decorator lamps’
[B]‘I am happy to be able to answer your inquiry’
[C]‘In accordance with your instructions, we are happy to enclose our last catalog on decorator lamps’
[D]‘I have received your letter asking for the catalog’

10. While presenting a speech some times it is required to use some forms of support which is necessary and beneficial to clarify and/or prove an important and fundamental assertion. One of the forms is presenting Anecdotes. Which of the following is true regarding an anecdote?
[A]Real-life characters are usually mentioned
[B]Animal characters speak as if they were human beings
[C]A fictitious story from which a moral or religious lesson may be drawn
[D]Similarities are pointed out with regard to people, ideas, experiences, projects, institutions, or data, and conclusions are drawn on the basis of those similarities.

11. Researches have shown that, group decision-making follows a predictable pattern. Aubrey Fisher identified four stages in group problem solving. What are these stages (in order)?
[A]The orientation stage, the emergence stage, the conflict stage and the reinforcement stage
[B]The orientation stage, the conflict stage, the reinforcement stage and the emergence stage
[C]The emergence stage, the orientation stage, the conflict stage and the reinforcement stage
[D]The orientation stage, the conflict stage, the emergence stage and the reinforcement stage

12. Identify the sentence that is grammatically correct and conveys the meaning clearly
[A]To keep birds from eating seeds, soak them in blue food coloring
[B]To keep birds from eating seeds, soak the seeds in blue food coloring
[C]Soak birds in blue food coloring to keep them from eating seeds away
[D]To keep birds from eating seeds, soak off the seeds in blue food coloring

13. Groups formed for short-term goals, such as to arrange a dinner, usually focus more on the task at hand. What do the groups formed for long-term assignments primarily focus on?
[A]Reaching the set targets
[B]Maintaining relations with the outside world
[C]Maintaining relations with their respective bosses
[D]Maintaining interpersonal relationships

14. The seating arrangements in a meeting can have a bearing on the final outcome of the meeting. Studies have shown that people react in certain predictable ways to certain physical surroundings. Which of the following types is suitable for large groups that are meeting to obtain information?
[A]The banquet style
[B]T formation style
[C]Participative style
[D]Theatre style

15. In a report if you have any bulky information consisting of graphs, large technical diagrams, charts and test supporting documents which will be of interest to only a small number of the report’s readers, the best place for putting the information is?
[C]Title page
[D]List of illustrations