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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Vocabulary Quiz - 41

1. Germinate
[A]Blinding; Rigid
[B]Cause To Sprout; Sprout
[D]Flowery; Ruddy

2. Gingerly
[A]Periodic; On And Off
[B]Speak Distinctly
[C]Very Carefully
[D]Gather; Store Up

3. Glossary
[A]Restore To Proper Condition
[B]Region; Climate
[C]Agent Which Brings About A Chemical Change While It Remains Unaffected And Unchanged
[D]Brief Explanation Of Words Used In The Text

4. Gnome
[A]Not Compulsory; Left To One'S Choice
[B]Resembling A Horse
[C]Dwarf; Underground Spirit
[D]Imitation Of Another'S Style In Musical Composition Or Writing

5. Grapple
[A]Put Into Effect; Carry Out
[B]Wrestle; Come To Grips With
[C]Features Of The Face

6. Gregarious
[A]Respectful; Worshipful

7. Grotto
[A]Flowing, Running
[B]Insignificant; Tiny; Weak
[C]Small Cavern
[D]Apart; Reserved

8. Gusty
[C]Firmly Established By Nature Or Habit
[D]Lizard That Changes Color In Different Situations

9. Hallucination
[A]Exceed; Surpass
[C]Blessed; Consecrated

10. Harbinger
[A]Having Many Forms
[B]Rave; Speak Bombastically
[C]Weaken; Enfeeble

11. Hazardous
[A]Deceptive; Raising Vain Hopes
[C]Open To View
[D]Combative; Bellicose

12. Herbivorous
[A]An Assumed Name
[B]Grain Eating
[C]Let Down; Restrain

13. Heterogeneous
[A]Fortress; Defense
[B]Half-Stiffed Laugh
[C]Combining Parts Into A Whole

14. Hieroglyphic
[A]Flexible; Pliant
[C]Study Of Fish
[D]Picture Writing

15. Hoard
[A]Loud And Harsh
[B]Instruct; Correct Morally
[C]Deadly; Destructive
[D]Stockpile; Accumulate For Future Use

16. Homogeneous
[A]Unoriginal; Derived From Another Source
[B]Of The Same Kind
[C]Reparation; Indemnification
[D]Harmony; Agreement

17. Hubbub
[A]Painting On Plaster (Usually Fresh)
[B]Confused Uproar
[C]Means Of Support, Food, Nourishment
[D]Urging; Demanding

18. Hurtle
[A]Person Unduly Worried About His Health; Worrier Without Cause About Illness
[B]Pedestal; Raised Platform
[D]Crash; Rush

19. Hypocritical
[A]Homeless Child Or Animal
[B]Clamorous; Noisy
[C]Moderate; Tone Down Or Restrain; Toughen (Steel)
[D]Pertaining To Be Virtuous; Deceiving

20. Idiosyncrasy
[A]Lacking Ceremony; Casual
[C]Peculiarity; Eccentricity
[D]Convert To A Religion Or Belief