Thursday, December 1, 2011

Project Management Quiz - 48

1. The role of the _____ can be invaluable in problem solving.
[A]recognition seeker
[B]devils advocate
[D]topic jumper
[E]A or C

2. Which of the following are types of status reports?
[A]document, variance, trend and exception
[B]cost, trend, schedule and acquisition
[C]cost, schedule, technical performance
[D]analysis, cost, performance and schedule
[E]All of the above.

3. Continually measuring and monitoring the actual cost versus the budget is done to _____.
[A]analyze the reasons for variances
[B]establish the variances
[C]identify the problems
[D]All of the above.
[E]None of the above.

4. Using "I" or "My' instead of "most people" or "our group" ______ message credibility.
[C]has no effect on
[E]A and B

5. Which of the following can be tracked using the WBS?
[E]None of the above.

6. Cost and schedule data are usually integrated because:
[A]optimized project cash flow can affect financial requirements
[B]they provide MIS with an integrated system to produce reports
[C]they control escalation allowances
[D]they account for omissions in the definitive estimate
[E]they predict future performance

7. In which of the following organization(s) does the Functional Manager have the LEAST authority?
[B]weak matrix
[C]strong matrix

8. When a project incorporates an Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS), it is integrated with the WBS at the
[B]level of effort
[E]work package

9. An effective Project Manager does not share project _____ with the team members.
[C]solution to problems

10. Parametric estimates are based on variables such as:
[A]Detailed planning and cost restraints.
[B]Physical characteristics and historical data.
[C]The WBS and similar projects.
[D]Project objectives and manpower allocations.
[E]Precise measurements and multiple inputs.

11. The time necessary to complete a project is called the _______ of a project.
[A]Implementation Time
[B]Life Cycle
[C]Operation Time
[D]Critical Path
[E]Completion Phase

12. The Communications Management Plan should contain the following:
[A]Communications policy
[B]Communications media
[C]Reporting channels
[D]Selection of appropriate media to meet specific needs
[E]All of the above

13. The Cost Performance Index (CPI) measures:
[A]cost of work performed vs planned costs.
[B]work performed vs cost of work performed.
[C]work performed vs planned work.
[D]direct costs vs indirect costs.
[E]floating costs vs. sunk costs.

14. The extent of project management techniques to be used on a project are determined mainly by the _____ and _____ of the project.
[A]budget, schedule
[B]quality requirements, schedule
[C]size, type of industry
[D]nature, size
[E]project manager, sponsor

15. Which theory(s) prescribes a form of participative management?
[A]theory X
[B]theory Y
[C]theory Z
[D]A or B
[E]B or C

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