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Thursday, December 1, 2011

General Knowledge Quiz - 34

1. Who was the first woman to receive the Bharat Ratna, India's highest civilian award?
[A]Indira Gandhi
[B]Mother Teresa
[C]Aruna Asaf Ali

2. Challenger Deep, a part of Mariana Trench and the deepest point in the oceans, named after British ship Challenger II which first surveyed it in 1951, is located in which ocean?
[A]Indian Ocean
[B]Pacific Ocean
[C]Atlantic Ocean
[D]Antarctic Ocean

3. In 1922, Chittarajnan Das and Motilal Nehru founded which political party?
[A]Forward Block
[B]Swaraj Party
[C]Swatantra Party
[D]Ghadar Party

4. 'Biman' is the national airline of which Asian country?
[D]Sri Lanka

5. From which country did India procure the aircraft carier Admiral Gorshkov, scheduled to join Indian Navy as INS Vikramaditaya in 2012?
[D]United States of America

6. 'Kalaripayattu' is the traditional martial art of which Indian state?
[D]Jammu & Kashmir

7. Who was the first Indian to win boy's Wimbledon Singles title in 1954?
[A]Ramanathan Krishnan
[B]Vijay Amritraj
[C]Ramesh Krishnan
[D]Leander Paes

8. At which place in Kerala was the first tide (ocean wave) generated electricity project of India established?

9. Who authored the 'Rajatarangini', a historical chronicle of Kashmir?

10. 'Tamasha' is the popular folk theatre of which state?
[D]West Bengal

11. What is the boundary line demarcating India and China known as?
[A]Curzon Line
[B]Durand Line
[C]McMahon Line
[D]RadCliffe Line

12. In 1958, which billiards player became the first Indian to win an individual world title in any sport?
[A]Wilson Jones
[B]Michael Ferreira
[C]Geet Sethi
[D]Manoj Kothari

13. Which princely state was the first to be annexed to the British East India Company under the Doctrine of Lapse policy, devised by Lord Dalhousie?

14. Which water body seprates the Africa from the Europe?
[A]Suez Canal
[B]Panama Canal
[C]Palk Strait
[D]Strait of Gibraltar

15. Which American President in his famous Gettysberg speech defined democracy as the 'government of the people, by the people, for the people'?
[A]Abraham Lincoln
[B]George Washington
[C]John F. Kennedy
[D]Theodore Roosevelt