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Friday, December 2, 2011

Project Management Quiz - 49

1. Most project management leadership theories focus on all of the following except:
[A]Personal characteristics of the project manager
[B]The situation at hand
[C]Personal traits of the subordinates
[D]Behavioral styles of the project manager
[E]Usefulness of authority and power in leadership

2. Project trade-offs vary between
[A]risk, cost and schedule.
[B]direct cost, indirect cost, and resource availability
[C]quality, schedule and time
[D]cost, quality and schedule
[E]contract terms, scope and budget

3. The following individuals are responsible for determining the content of the Communications Management Plan.
[A]Project Sponsor
[B]Task Manager(s)
[C]Director of Communications
[D]Project Manager

4. When comparing the cost of competing projects, which of the following is typically NOT considered?
[A]Opportunity costs.
[B]Direct costs.
[C]Sunk costs.
[D]Indirect costs.
[E]Burden rates.

5. Input into the Communications Management Plan includes the following information from the stakeholder analysis:
[A]Information needs
[B]Information content
[C]Frequency of distribution
[D]Method of distribution
[E]All of the above

6. The computation for Cost Performance Index is:

7. We assign human and non-human resources in the _____ phase of the budget.

8. Which of the following can the project manager use as a means of measuring project team effectiveness?
[B]Sponsor-approved salary increases
[C]Efficiency of the team
[D]Turnover of personnel

9. Project alternatives are examined during the _____ phase of the project
[E]A and C

10. Project leadership requires that the project manager pay attention simultaneously to the:
[A]Tasks to be performed and needs of the team
[B]Quantity and quality of the work to be performed
[C]Efficiency and effectiveness of the team
[D]Time, cost and performance deliverables
[E]All of the above

11. A project manager believes that the best way to manage is to form a good, harmonious working relationship with the team, and high performance will follow. The project manager could be defined as a _____ manager.

12. Which of the following are included in the Acquisition phase(s) of the project life cycle.
[A]concept and development
[B]development and planning
[C]execution and phase-out
[D]planning and implementation
[E]concept and planning

13. Budgetary estimates are the output of the _____ phase(s) of the project.
[E]All of the above.

14. The capacity to get an individual or group to perform a given task is described as:

15. A team that is just forming needs:
[A]An organization chart
[B]Alternatives and choices
[C]Structure and specificity
[D]Orientation and organization
[E]Opportunities for dialogue and conflict resolution