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Sunday, December 11, 2011

General Knowledge Quiz - 42

1. ‘Going Rogue’ is the autobiography of
[A]Sarah Palin
[B]Bill Clinton
[C]Boris Yeltsin
[D]Mohammad Yunus

2. Which award is known as the Green Oscar?
[A]Grammy Award
[B]Nobel Peace Prize
[C]Whiotley Golden Award
[D]Pulitzer Award

3. Which pair is correctly matched?
[A]Britain – INR
[B]Liberia – RMB
[C]China – YEN
[D]Japan – Dollar

4. Jony Award is given for achievement in which field?
[D]Social service

5. Who wrote – I have measured out my life with coffee spoons?
[C]Barnard shah
[D]M K Gandhi

6. The first kite museum was set up in 1975. This museum also known as ‘Shankar Kendra’. In which city of India this museum situated?
[D]New delhi

7. A former prime minister of India is entitled to government accommodation for which period of time?
[A]5 years
[B]10 years
[C]20 years
[D]Life time

8. The inventor of ice cream was
[A]Joseph Schumpeler
[B]Gerald Tissain
[C]Austin peta
[D]Costa Hango

9. The index that measures progress in countries in longevity, knowledge and standard of living is

10. The 29 year old, who defeated somnath chatterjee in Jadhavpur to become one of India’s youngest parliamentarians in 1988?
[A]Pranav Mukherjee
[B]Mamta Banerjee
[C]Kabir suman
[D]Munnun Sen

11. Which statement/statements is/are not true?
1. Mother Teresa was born in Bengal.
2. Mother Teresa was fluent in Bengali.
3. She never spoke Bengali.
[A]only 2
[B]1, 2 and 3
[C]1 and 3
[D]1 and 2

12. Which book was not written by Premchand?
[C]Jai Somnath

13. A money Bill can be introduced in
[A]Lok Sabha only
[B]Rajya Sabha only
[C]Either Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha
[D]Joint session of parliament

14. How many regional languages are listed under the eighth schedule of the constitution of India?

15. International Labour Organization (ILO) has its headquarter at
[A]The Hague
[C]New York