Monday, December 12, 2011

Vocabulary Quiz - 52

1. Thrive
[A]Sickening; Insipid
[B]List; Mention One By One
[C]Prosper; Flourish

2. Timidity
[A]Petition Humbly; Pray To Grant A Favor
[B]Platform For Speech-Making; Pulpit
[C]Song Of Lamentation; Dirge
[D]Lack Of Self-Confidence Or Courage

3. Titter
[A]Pardon(An Offense)
[B]Highly Ornate
[C]Nervous Laugh

4. Torpor
[A]Shabby; Wretched
[C]Echo; Resound
[D]Lethargy; Sluggishness; Dormancy

5. Tract
[B]Pamphlet; A Region Of Indefinite Size
[C]Seriousness; Gravity
[D]Homesickness; Longing For The Past

6. Transgression
[A]Small Opening; Outlet
[B]Laymen; Persons Not Connected With The Clergy
[C]Violation Of Law; Sin
[D]Renounce; Give Up

7. Transpire
[A]Thicken; Congeal; Clot
[B]Prosper; Flourish
[C]Nicety; Cunning; Guile; Delicacy
[D]Exhale; Become Known; Happen

8. Trek
[A]Confuse; Mix Up
[B]Travel; Journey
[C]Murder Of A Mother By A Child
[D]Wring From; Get Money By Threats, Etc.

9. Truculent
[A]Questionable Medicine
[B]Aggressive; Savage
[C]Protecting Molding On Building (Usually Above Columns)
[D]Pertaining To Heat

10. Turbid
[A]Expression Of The Will Of A People By Direct Election
[B]Period Of Equal Days And Nights
[C]Muddy; Having The Sediment Disturbed
[D]Bully; Intimidate

11. Unassuming
[A]Power To Produce Desired Effect
[B]Having And Aim; Biased; Designed To Further A Cause
[D]Goal; Aim

12. Veneer
[A]Vengeance; Compensation; Punishment For Offenses
[B]Union; Coalition
[C]Thin Layer; Cover
[D]Driving Forward

13. Ventral
[A]A Student Of The History And Science Of Mankind
[B]Demeanor; Bearing
[C]Urbanity; Polish

14. Verbatim
[A]Scatter (Like Seeds)
[B]Word For Word
[C]Made Less Dense (Of A Gas)
[D]Pay Costs For

15. Vernacular
[A]Greediness For Wealth
[B]Mutually Destructive
[C]Living Language; Natural Style
[D]Like A Lion

16. Vex
[A]Sharp Projection From Fishhook, Etc.
[C]Oblige Or Help Someone; Adjust Or Bring Into Harmony, Adapt
[D]Annoy; Distress

17. Vigilance
[A]Leave To Someone By A Will; Hand Down
[C]Intentional; Headstrong
[D]To Admit To The Rights Of Citizenship (Especially The Right To Vote)

18. Virile
[A]Raised Platform For Guests Of Honor
[C]Witty Thought Or Saying, Usually Short

19. Visceral
[A]Irritable; Easily Angered
[B]Felt In One'S Inner Organs
[C]Self-Evident Truth
[D]Command; Arrange; Consecrate

20. Vituperative
[A]Statement That Looks False But Is Actually Correct
[B]Sun'S Corona; Halo
[C]Abusive; Scolding

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