Sunday, December 11, 2011

Vocabulary Quiz - 51

1. Statue
[A]A Place Where Bees Are Kept
[B]Fully Empowered
[D]Traditional; Conservative In Belief

2. Stipulate
[B]Study Of Artifacts And Relics Of Early Mankind
[C]Make Express Conditions; Specify
[D]Contradict; Give A False Impression

3. Stricture
[A]Tending To Improve; Beneficial; Wholesome
[B]Time Of Greatest Success; Prime
[C]Critical Comments; Severe And Adverse Criticism
[D]Shrink Back, As If In Fear

4. Stupor
[B]Furnisher Of Foodstuffs; Caterer
[C]State Of Apathy; Daze; Lack Of Awareness
[D]Equality; Close Resemblance

5. Sublimate
[A]Small Excessive Group
[C]Not Able To Be Corrected Or Repaired
[D]Refine; Purify

6. Subsidiary
[A]Banish; Consign To Inferior Position
[B]Silent; Muffled; Toned Down
[C]Comprehensive View; Unobstructed View In All Directions
[D]Subordinate; Secondary

7. Sultry
[C]Disconcert; Dismay
[D]Pale; Wan

8. Superficial
[A]Comparison Of One Thing With Another, Using The Word "Like" Or "As"
[B]Slavishly Attentive; Servile; Sycophantic
[C]Trivial; Shallow
[D]Show Clearly

9. Supplant
[A]Distress; Suffering
[B]Come Together
[C]Goal; Aim
[D]Replace; Usurp

10. Surfeit
[B]Tip; Summit; Climax
[C]Text Of An Opera
[D]Cloy; Overfeed

11. Surveillance
[A]Flashy; Tawdry
[B]Watching; Guarding
[C]Petition Humbly; Pray To Grant A Favor

12. Swelter
[B]Blame; Criticize
[C]Be Oppressed By Heat
[D]Drifting Wreckage

13. Symmetry
[A]Strong; Brawny; Steadfast
[B]Boisterous Laughter
[C]Arrangement Of Parts So That Balance Is Obtained; Congruity
[D]Short Speech At Conclusion Of Dramatic Work

14. Tactile
[A]Sound In Judgment; Wise
[B]Framework And Working Parts Of An Automobile
[C]Pertaining To The Organs Or Sense Of Touch
[D]Festive; Gay; Characterized By Joviality

15. Tantamount
[C]Spiteful; Irritable; Peevish

16. Taurine
[A]Stitches Sewn To Hold The Cut Edges Of A Wound Or Incision; Material Used In Sewing
[B]Fearful; Demonstrating Fear
[C]Like A Bull
[D]Make Numb; Stun; Amaze

17. Temper
[A]Varying Form Of An Element
[B]Shield; Defense
[C]Moderate; Tone Down Or Restrain; Toughen (Steel)
[D]Call Upon; Ask For

18. Tendentious
[A]Numerous; Varied
[B]Having And Aim; Biased; Designed To Further A Cause
[C]Private; Peculiar To An Individual
[D]Wild; Sensational

19. Termagant
[A]Bring To An End
[B]Aimless; Jumping Around
[C]Shrew, Scolding, Brawling Woman
[D]Prevent; Turn Away

20. Tertiary
[A]Small World
[C]Trite Remark; Commonplace Statement

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