Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Vocabulary Quiz - 33

1. Amorous
[A]Extract The Essence; Purify; Refine
[C]Very Small Object Or Creature; Small Coin
[D]Moved By Sexual Love; Loving

2. Amuck
[A]Unreal; Grotesque; Whimsical
[B]In A State Of Rage
[C]State Of Being Numerous
[D]Enthusiastic Follower

3. Anarchy
[A]Suggestive; Implying
[B]State Of Being Inappropriate
[C]Heterogeneous Mixture; Medley
[D]Absence Of Governing Body, State Of Disorder

4. Anguish
[A]Depart Secretly And Hide
[B]Acute Pain; Extreme Suffering
[C]Understandable; Clear
[D]Small, Steep-Walled Canyon

5. Annotate
[A]Impose (A Fine); Collect (A Payment)
[B]Change; Introduction Of Something New
[C]Comment; Make Explanatory Notes
[D]Flashy; Showy

6. Antagonistic
[A]Conceited Smile
[B]Lack Of Balance Or Symmetry; Disproportion
[D]Hostile; Opposed; Actively Resisting

7. Anticlimax
[A]Ability; Capacity
[C]Firmness; Persistency; Adhesiveness
[D]Letdown Of Thought Or Emotion

8. Aperture
[A]Vehicle; Transfer
[B]Longing; Urge
[C]Opening; Hole
[D]Varied; Greatly Diversified

9. Apocryphal
[A]Fearful; Demonstrating Fear
[C]Objects That Are Showy, Valueless, Deceptive
[D]Untrue; Made Up

10. Appreciate
[A]Guarantee; Assurance By Seller
[B]Be Thankful For; Increase In Worth; Be Thoroughly Conscious For
[C]Expert In Children'S Diseases
[D]Overflow; Flood

11. Aptitude
[A]To Make Liquids Murky By Stirring Up Sediment
[B]Fitness; Talent
[C]Haughty And Contemptuous
[D]Acting Without Dialogue

12. Arcade
[A]Climb By Crawling
[C]Doubt; Challenge; Gainsay
[D]A Covered Passageway, Usually Lined With Shops

13. Astral
[B]Fantastic; Violently Contrasting
[C]Relating To Stars
[D]Amuse; Delude, Cheat

14. Atavism
[C]Resemblance To Remote Ancestors Rather Than To Parents; Deformity Returning After Passage Of Two Or More Generations
[D]Imperceptible; Intangible

15. Attest
[A]Expressing Possibility; Latent
[B]Gather; Assemble
[C]Testify; Bear Witness
[D]Brief And To The Point

16. Augment
[A]Turn Into God; Idolize
[B]Reproduce; Duplicate
[D]Shameless Boldness

17. Austerity
[B]Serving As A Model; Outstanding
[C]Exhale; Become Known; Happen
[D]Sternness; Severity; Lack Of Luxuries

18. Autopsy
[A]Twisted; With A Humorous Twist
[B]Examination Of A Dead Body; Post-Mortem
[C]Deceit; Duplicity
[D]Tease; Torture With Disappointment

19. Aviary
[C]Peculiarity; Eccentricity
[D]Enclosure For Birds

20. Axiom
[A]Occurring Irregularly
[B]Explain; Interpret
[C]Self-Evident Truth Requiring No Proof
[D]Stitches Sewn To Hold The Cut Edges Of A Wound Or Incision; Material Used In Sewing

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