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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Project Management Quiz - 38

1. How much time does the typical project manager spend communicating (formal and informal)?
[A]40% - 60%
[B]30% - 70%
[C]60% - 80%
[D]75% - 90%
[E]25% - 55 %

2. In which type of organization is team building likely to be most difficult?
[D]Project expediter
[E]Project coordinator

3. Problems can occur in properly defining a project because:
[A]Project goals may not be agreeable to all parties
[B]The plan was "too loose," thus allowing priorities to change
[C]Low turnover of project personnel
[D]Too much communication between the client and project personnel
[E]The project objectives were quantified

4. The cost of a quality program should be budgeted at _____ of the total project.
[B]2-3 %
[E]more than 15 %

5. The review for the specification completeness is performed during which of the following cycles.
[A]Award cycles
[B]requirements cycle
[C]requisition cycle
[D]solicitation cycle
[E]contractual cycle

6. The schedule risk is the _____ .
[A]the accumulated "expected' durations which maintain project completion.
[B]Critical Path adjusted by "high-risk" activity float.
[C]highest risk path that maintains quality.
[D]Critical Path when calculated with "most likely" duration.
[E]highest risk path that contributes the most risk toward the project completion.

7. Screening of risk events for potential risk is known as _____ .
[A]problem structuring.
[B]risk identification
[C]risk quantification
[D]risk modeling
[E]risk mitigation

8. The Cost Performance Index is computed as:
[A]budget cost of work performed divided by actual cost of work performed
[B]budget cost of work performed minus actual cost of work performed
[C]budget cost of work performed minus budget cost of work scheduled
[D]budget cost of work scheduled divided by budget cost of work performed
[E]actual cost of work scheduled divided by budget cost of work performed

9. Typical characteristics of a work package include:
[A]Representation of units of work at a level where work is performed
[B]Clearly distinguishes one work package from all others assigned to a single functional group
[C]Limits the work to be performed to relatively short periods of time
[D]All of the above
[E]A and B only

10. Which of the following is not a cost of non-conformance?
[A]maintenance and calibration
[B]warranty repairs
[E]All of the above.

11. Which of the following is not a method of government procurement.
[B]sealed bidding
[C]competitive proposals
[E]small purchases

12. Which of the following would most likely not be an essential objective of a project team kick-off meeting
[A]Create a project technology master plan
[B]Get team members to know one another
[C]Identify project problem areas
[D]Obtain individual and group commitments
[E]Identify the project coordinator

13. You are in a meeting with someone who just ate a slice of garlic bread. Your are distracted by his pungent breath. Which of the following communication barriers describe these distractions?
[A]Sign Detection
[B]Sensory Limitations
[C]Selective Perception
[D]Varying Alertness of Perception
[E]None of the above

14. Arbitration is a _____ approach to conflict management in resolving conflict disputes.
[E]closed door

15. As project manager, you wish to impose a standard method by which subordinates calculate project costs. Which level of communication should be required for this effort?
[E]All of the above should be required.