Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Project Management Quiz - 32

1. The behavioral responsibilities of a project manager may also include dealing with:
[A]The public
[B]Regulatory personnel
[C]The legal environment
[D]Environmental issues
[E]All of the above

2. The difference between the BCWS and the BCWP is referred to as the:
[A]Schedule variance
[B]Cost variance.
[C]Estimate of completion
[D]Actual cost of the work performed
[E]None of the above

3. "Paraphrasing" is most closely associated with which part of the communication process?
[E]None of the above.

4. A Gantt chart is useful in determining:
[A]the level of effort for a task
[B]when a task starts and stops
[C]how tasks are related to each other
[D]who is assigned to do a task
[E]All of the above.

5. A contract originated bilaterally may be developed by _____ .
[A]quotation request from suppliers
[B]proposal request
[C]bid invitation release
[D]B and C
[E]All of the above.

6. In a matrix organizational form, which factor(s) make it difficult for a project manager to provide a valid input into the employee's performance review?
[A]Not working directly with the assigned functional employees
[B]Employees spend only a short amount of time assigned to the project
[C]Not being knowledgeable enough to evaluate employees on technical judgment
[D]All of the above
[E]A and B only

7. Upon completion of 75% of the project, the original schedules and cost estimates that were submitted at the inception of the project are referred to as the:
[A]Baseline costs
[B]Budgeted costs.
[C]Estimates upon completion costs
[D]Scheduled costs
[E]None of the above

8. Which of the following is not a definition to determine a product's ability to operate as intended?
[E]All are definitions

9. A work breakdown structure is most useful for:
[A]identifying individual tasks for a project
[B]scheduling the start of tasks
[C]developing a cost estimate
[D]determining potential delays
[E]A and C

10. Reaching an understanding of concessions is accomplished in the _____ stage of negotiations.
[C]scratch bargaining

11. The primary consideration of product management is to know the _____.
[A]probability of product's performance with specified parameters
[B]ability the product has to perform its intended function
[C]ability of a product to be produced within existing parameters
[D]functionality the product will provide over its useful life
[E]All of the above

12. The reason that cost management is so difficult in project management is that:
[A]Projects by definition and nature are non-recurring events and are therefore difficult to predict.
[B]There are no tools for identifying project tasks.
[C]Project managers do not care about tracking costs, as only schedules are important to all project managers.
[D]A and B only
[E]B and C only

13. Using visual aids during management/customer presentations will:
[A]hold the interest of the audience
[B]strengthen the learning process by adding a visual dimension to the auditory dimension
[C]stay in view longer, thus bringing back listeners who may have strayed
[D]All of the above.
[E]A and B only

14. Which of the following organizational forms would be likely to have an individual with the title of Vice President for Project Management?
[A]Classical / traditional
[B]Pure project
[D]Project coordinator
[E]None of the above

15. A contract is legally binding and must comprise all but one of the following:
[A]legal capacity
[B]mutual assent
[C]approved negotiations

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