Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Vocabulary Quiz - 27

1. Quagmire
[A]gradual intrusion
[B]bog; marsh
[C]rebellion; uprising
[D]spasmodic; intermittent

2. quarry
[A]untidy; careless in work habits
[B]victim; object of a hunt
[C]pretend; conceal by feigning
[D]impressionable; easily influenced; having little resistance, as to a disease

3. quibble
[A]crucial; key; vital
[B]main body of a church
[C]equivocate; play on words
[D]parti-colored; mixed

4. quizzical
[A]prototype; primitive pattern
[B]bantering; comical; humorously serious
[C]abundance; effusiveness; lavishness
[D]epicure; person who takes excessive pleasure in food and drink

5. rakish
[A]checking perpendicularly; vertical
[B]easy to approach; obtainable
[C]marry feast or picnic
[D]stylish; sporty

6. ramshackle
[A]crush; subdue; inhibit
[C]rickety; falling apart
[D]trembling; wavering

7. rarefied
[A]regret; disapprove of
[B]made less dense (of a gas)
[C]restrain; handcuff
[D]an artless girl; an actress who plays such parts

8. ravage
[A]shameless boldness
[B]burning; sarcastically biting
[C]plunder; despoil

9. rebuttal
[A]lack of self-confidence or courage
[B]refutation; response with contrary evidence
[D]soft tissue filling the bones

10. recipient
[A]charm; talisman
[D]sober; sedate

11. recount
[A]rickety; falling apart
[B]narrate or tell; count over again
[C]rickety; falling apart
[D]temporary invasion

12. recuperate
[A]story in which characters are used as symbols
[B]ruinous; poisonous
[C]quickly perceptive; keen; brief and severe

13. refectory
[B]dining hall
[C]following; attendants
[D]pay attention to; consider

14. reimburse
[A]ban on commerce or other activity
[B]medley; miscellany
[C]common; pertaining to the common people

15. remediable
[A]stately; stout
[C]victim; object of a hunt
[D]one who fits glasses to remedy visual defects

16. renounce
[A]adjacent to; touching upon
[B]turn into god; idolize
[C]abandon; discontinue; disown; repudiate
[D]outward decorations; ornaments

17. repercussion
[A]physician specializing in delivery of babies
[B]unintelligible; muddled; illogical
[C]rebound; reverberation; reaction
[D]warm, sultry wind blown from Africa to southern Europe

18. repository
[A]refer indirectly
[B]person who maintains opinions contrary to the doctrines of the church
[D]careful about money; economical

19. reprobation
[A]dining hall
[B]intimate or mimic
[C]suitable to debate or courts of law
[D]severe disapproval

20. requisite
[B]necessary requirement
[C]gradual intrusion
[D]incomprehensive; not to be discovered

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