Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Business Quiz - 7

1. Which Car maker used the tagline, “Because the race to perfection has no finish line”? 
[A]Mercedes Benz 
[B]Aston Martin 

2. Which product was “The Mint with the Hole” 
[D]Rola Cola 

3. Which organisation is behind the famous “Got Milk?” campaign? 
[B]California Milk Processor Board 
[C]Govt of New Jersey 

4. Which online portal used the slogan, “The Power of all of us” 

5. Which of these drinks called themselves the UnCola? 
[C]Mountain Dew 

6. What was the movement behind, “Doodh, doodh, doodh, doodh.. Doodh hai wonderful, pi sakte hai roze glass full...” called? 
[A]Got Milk movement 
[B]Operation Flood 
[C]‘Milk for all’ campaign 
[D]Green revolution 

7. Who used the tagline, “All the news that’s fit to print”? 
[A]Boston Globe 
[B]The Times 
[C]Asian Age 
[D]New York Times 

8. ‘New Coke’ was Coca Cola’s most infamous product failure. But another product it launched also failed. What was it called? 
[A]Crystal Coke 
[B]Black Coke 
[C]OK Cola 
[D]Caffeine Cola 

9. How did Pepsi gets its name? 
[A]It was peppermint flavoured 
[B]The founding member’s dog’s name was Pepsi 
[C]It gave you a peppy feeling 
[D]It claimed to contain pepsin initially. 

10. This company owns a brand which is associated with the informal identity of a country. Till last year it had a majority stake in a JV, owning a market leading brand of mosquito repellent. Which company are we talking about?
[C]Sara Lee
[D]reckitt benckiser

11. This small township in Michigan, having similar name as a German city, is famous for a PETA campaign against cruelty of animals. The name basically resembles a popular fast food product.

12. This business entity was effective in conjuring up funds for the Jacobite rebellion and had its first branches at Rothesay, Dalkeith and Greenock. The first entity of its kind to offer an overdraft facility, it still prints its own currency for its parent country. The notes have pictures of different castles denoting the denomination of the notes. Interestingly, its gross profits exceed the annual budget of the parent country. Its logo includes the picture of a flat, circular printing element of a word-processing printer or of an electric typewriter, which shares its name with a famous Disney character. What entity are we talking about?
[A]Swiss Bank
[B]The Royal Bank of Scotland
[C]Lloyds TSB
[D]Clydesdale Bank

13. The symbol of which annual competition is a lemniscates intertwined with a circle, and features the same 5 colours as the Olympic rings?
[C]FIFA World Cup
[D]Mathematics Olympiad

14. In which television channel does actor Jackie Shroff have a stake?
[A]Zee TV
[B]Sony Entertainment Television
[D]Warner Bros.

15. This project was led by Udi Manber of Google and it is a user-written article base mostly in the health and medical field. Name it
[A]Knol, the Unit of Knowledge

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