Friday, November 18, 2011

Computer Quiz - 1

1. Lotus Organizer and Corel Central are examples of ____________ software.

2. For which of the following tasks would PIM software be most useful?
[A]Drafting A Memo
[B]Maintaining A Schedule
[C]Calculating A Budget
[D]Keeping Track Of Recipes

3. The smallest unit of information in a database is called a:

4. In a database of employees, all the information about a particular person would constitute a:

5. A table is a collection of:

6. A ____________ is a small program that helps to automate a frequently used series of commands in most productivity software tools.

7. If you are using a template in a productivity software application, you are most likely trying to:
[A]Assign A Basic Theme Or Structure To The File With Which You Are Working.
[B]Perform A Series Of Steps In A Time-Efficient Manner.
[C]Gain Assistance In Performing Complicated Tasks.
[D]Combine Different Documents Together To Form A Single Integrated Whole.

8. Software providers who develop many productivity tools may also provide stripped-down versions that combine the simpler features of these tools bundled together into a(n):
[A]Software Suite.
[B]Personal Information Manager.
[C]Integrated Software Application.
[D]Limited Software Edition.

9. Microsoft Office is an example of a(n):
[A]Software Suite.
[B]Open-Source Product.
[C]Integrated Software Application.
[D]Business-Management Application.

10. When talking to a speech recognition program, the program divides each second of your speech into 100 separate:

11. A speech recognition system’s codebook values are matched against a database of ____________ as an early step in word construction.

12. Quicken and TurboTax are both personal financial products developed by:

13. Individuals who want software to assist in automated checkbook balancing and bill paying for their personal bank and credit card accounts will likely use which of the following software products?
[A]Microsoft Project

14. 1Small business owners who want software to assist in managing accounts payable and receivable will likely use which of the following software products?
[B]Business Plan Pro
[D]Microsoft Project

15. If you want software to assist in estimating the time it takes for a sequence of tasks to be accomplished and to track the progress of people working on these tasks, which of the following software products would you use?
[A]Microsoft Project
[B]Front Page
[C]Business Plan Pro


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