Sunday, October 23, 2011

Project Management Quiz - 5

1. The amount of monitoring of contractors work by the project manager will vary based on
[A]The value of the contract
[B]The type of contract being used
[C]The reputation of the contractor
[D]The nature of work being done

2. What is not true
[A]Both the buyers and sellers project manager should be aware of the contracts legal implication
[B]Seller must meet all contractual obligations
[C]Contractor must complete work receiving any payment
[D]Project Manager is responsible to ensure seller is meeting all requirement

3. Who issues the warranty?

4. When is warranty rights enforced against suppliers
[A]When warranty is not violated
[B]When warranty is violated
[C]During pre-delivery of goods and services
[D]Suppliers do not meet the commitment in delivery

5. In Contract close out ,one should
[A]Measure the performance of a contracting organization based on specification and the technical aspects
[B]Measure how well did the contractor behaved
[C]Measure the personal relationship with the contractor
[D]Measure customer satisfaction

6. During contract closeout product verification is done to
[A]Ensure that the seller’s work is complete and satisfactorily meets all the requirements
[B]Verify the products design
[C]To document the seller’s work
[D]Verify the work completed for making seller payments

7. Contract close out involves all of the following except
[A]Relocating team members
[B]Formal acceptance of the work by the buyer
[C]Updating the contract file
[D]Product Verification

8. Contract closure should be done
[A]If there is enough time
[B]If a contract is terminated before completion
[C]If work is completed
[D]B and C

9. Who issue the purchase order?
[C]Project Manager
[D]None of the above

10. What is not the part of the purchase order close out?
[A]Operating instructions
[B]Compliance with the delivery terms
[C]Preparing project management plan
[D]Vendor’s claim

11. Which is not part of core element of contract?
[A]Payment terms
[B]Company leave policy
[C]Statement of work
[D]None of the above

12. Which agreement is signed to keep the information secret between client and contractor
[A]Letter of authorization
[B]Subcontractor agreement
[D]Non disclosure agreement

13. When is the project close out reports prepared?
[A]Planning stage
[B]Implementation life cycle
[C]End of the project
[D]Execution stage

14. Integration involves
[A]Familiarizing team members with the project
[B]Making trade-offs between competing objectives and alternative actions
[C]Putting all the pieces of a project into a program
[D]Assigning responsibilities for all team members

15. Project documents are generally kept track of by the
[A]Project manager
[B]Change control board
[C]Project administrator
[D]Review board

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