Sunday, October 23, 2011

Project Management Quiz - 4

1. Requirements for equipment, software and other resources for integration platform are gathered during
[A]Organization phase
[B]Implementation phase
[C]Planning phase
[D]Testing phase

2. The most critical aspect of product integration is
[A]Acquiring resources for integrating testing
[B]Managing product component interfaces and ensuring compatibility among them
[C]Managing budget during product component development
[D]None of the above

3. Product evaluation can be done at two levels
[A]Planning and organizing
[B]Verification and validation
[C]Quality control and quality assurance
[D]Sequencing and assembling

4. Verification of a product can be done by
[A]Strucutured walkthroughs
[B]Demonstration of functionality
[C]Planned inspection meetings

5. Sequencing of components integration cannot be decided on the basis of
[A]Functionality of components
[B]Customers' priority of needs
[C]Components dependencies
[D]Project cost estimation

6. Project Cost Estimation
[A]Designing the product components
[B]Avoiding any overlap or conflict in product component integration
[C]Developing a complex product component.
[D]Acquiring an integration platform.

7. Assemble product components is an
[A]Infinity process
[B]Incremental Process
[C]Identical process
[D]Undefined process

8. Before assembling any product component one should ensure
[A]Readiness of product integration environment
[B]Each component should be confirmed to be compliant with its interface requirement.
[C]Integration sequence is properly defined and reviewed.
[D]All the above

9. Documentation does not include
[A]Document development
[B]Document control
[C]Document review
[D]Document approval

10. Project initial document is not
[A]Project quality plan
[B]Project management plan
[C]Project charter
[D]Project scope statement

11. Priority setting techniques are
[A]Compromise and consensus
[B]Top down and rolling wave
[C]Dot voting and Weighted voting
[D]Probability and impact

12. Most appropriate technique use for group priority setting is
[A]Dot voting
[B]Weighted voting
[C]Consensus decision
[D]Multi voting

13. Pareto analysis helps to identify
[A]About 20% of the most critical issue
[B]About 80% of the most critical issue
[C]About 100% of the issue status
[D]About 20% of the issue status

14. Issue histogram helps to
[A]Review all pending issues
[B]Give overall status of the project issue
[C]Identify the most critical issue in the project
[D]All of the above

15. In carrying out effective contract administration ,it is necessary to
[A]Document all change request
[B]Have a good contract change control system
[C]Have buyers and sellers develop a good personal relationship
[D]A and B

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