Monday, July 1, 2024

Current Affairs Quiz - 1st july 2024

1. What milestone did NASA recently achieve in space exploration?

Launch of a new Mars rover
Unveiling the Gateway space station to orbit the Moon
Discovery of a new planet
Completion of the International Space Station
2. Which national soccer team did Germany defeat to advance to the Euro 2024 quarter-finals?
3. When is the runoff for Iran's presidential election scheduled?
4. What criticism did rights groups have regarding the UN-Taliban talks in Doha?
Lack of international representation
Exclusion of Afghan women
Insufficient media coverage
Poor logistical arrangements
5. What potential medical breakthrough did MIT engineers develop?
A new cancer vaccine
A hair-thin implantable ultrasound device
A revolutionary prosthetic limb
A non-invasive heart monitor
6. Which country began deporting Syrian refugees, raising international concerns?
7. Why is the advocacy group Public Citizen pushing for murder charges against major oil companies?
Due to oil spills in the ocean
For causing severe air pollution
For the deaths of 400 people in an Arizona heat wave
Due to groundwater contamination
8. What was the general voter reaction to the recent Biden-Trump debate?
Overwhelmingly positive
Generally unimpressed
Highly supportive of Biden
Highly supportive of Trump
9. What is significant about the new carbon removal facility announced recently?
It can absorb CO2 99,000 times faster than Earth's oceans
It is powered entirely by renewable energy
It uses a new type of solar panel
It is the largest facility of its kind in the world
10. Which sports team was celebrated in the Lok Sabha for their recent victory?
India's hockey team
India's cricket team
India's football team
India's badminton team

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