Tuesday, July 2, 2024

02 July 2024 Current Affairs Quiz

1. What significant legal change took effect in India on July 1, 2024?

Introduction of new traffic laws
Implementation of new criminal laws
Enactment of a new tax code
Changes in property ownership laws
2. Who commented on the transformative changes brought by the new criminal laws in India?
Prime Minister
Chief Justice of India
Finance Minister
3. What marks the beginning of the Monsoon Session in India's Parliament on July 1, 2024?
Discussion on new agricultural policies
Focus on legal reforms
Debate on healthcare improvements
Introduction of new education laws
4. What recent economic indicator was reported for India's first quarter of the financial year?
Decline in exports
Increase in unemployment
Steady GDP growth rate
Reduction in inflation
5. What weather phenomenon affected several regions across India on July 1, 2024?
Severe drought
Heavy snowfall
Intense heatwave
Heavy rainfall
6. Where did world leaders gather to discuss international economic cooperation on July 1, 2024?
New York
7. What milestone did NASA announce regarding its Mars exploration program?
Discovery of water on Mars
Launch of a new satellite
Successful landing of a rover
Development of a new space station
8. Which event is currently a tight race according to the latest polls in the United States?
Congressional elections
Presidential race
Gubernatorial elections
Senate elections
9. What weather condition is prompting health advisories in several European countries?
Severe drought
Heavy snowfall
Intense heatwave
Heavy rainfall
10. What is the trend observed in major stock markets worldwide as of July 1, 2024?
Decline in technology stocks
Mixed trends
Surge in oil prices
Stability in gold prices

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