Tuesday, December 2, 2014

MCQ IPC Judicial Services Civil Services Exams Preparation - 03 Dec 2014

1. Panchayat Raj system was made constitutional through ______________________________.
[A]45th Amendment of the Constitution
[B]73rd Amendment of the Constitution
[C]61st Amendment of the Constitution
[D]None of the above amendments

2. Which of the folowing is the largest Lok Sabha constituency areawise?
[B]Arunachal West

3. The function of the Protem Speaker is to ___________________________________.
[A]Check if the election certificates of the members are in order
[B]Swear-in members and hold charge till a regular speaker is elected
[C]Officiate as speaker when the speaker is unlikely to be elected
[D]Conduct the proceedings of houses in absence of the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker

4. The Comptroller and Auditor General acts as ____________________________________.
[A]The guardian of people's liberties
[B]The guardian of public money
[C]The chief financial adviser of government of India
[D]All of the above

5. Vote on Account is a grant voted/passed by Parliament ____________________________.
[A]After the budget and grant has been voted/passed by Lok Sabha
[B]Grant to manage the administrative work in interim period till budget and grant for financial year are passed
[C]Passage of account of expenditure is actually done during last year
[D]Approval of account of public undertakings

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