Tuesday, December 2, 2014

General Science MCQ Series - 03 Dec 2014

1. What is the specific gravity of mercury at standard temperature and pressure?

2. Thermal insulation is used to _____________________________.
[A]Stop the flow of heat
[B]Reduce the flow of heat
[C]Absorb heat
[D]Reverse the heat flow direction

3. A light year can be converted into _______________________.
[A]Astronomical units
[C]Foot candles

4. If you are using a hydrometer to check the condition of the electrolyte in your car battery, then what property of the fluid it is actually measuring ?
[D]Surface temperature

5. What is the major visible constituent of the exhaust plume from a natural gas-fired power plant?
[B]Carbon monoxide
[C]Carbon dioxide

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