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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Science Quiz Bowl | Science Quiz Test Capsule Quiz | 19 Nov 2014

1. In higher plants, water flows through a system of lignified tubes called ____________________.
[B]Companion cells

2. Evaporative cooling helps protect plants from overheating. This process occurs as the flow of ___________ through openings in the leaves called ____________.
[A]Water vapour, stomates
[B]Carbon dioxide, stomates
[C]Water vapour, guard cells
[D]Oxygen, stomates

3. _________________ are region in plants that are undergoing mitosis and growth.
[A]Quiescent zones

4. __________________ from the male plant must land on the _________________ of the female plant in a process called ______________________.
[A]Pollen, stigma, fertilization
[B]Pollen, stigma, pollination
[C]Pollen, anther, pollination
[D]Pollen, ovary, pollination

5. Co-evolution of insect pollinators and flowering plants is considered to be the driving force in the emergence of _______ whose seeds develop in protective structures called ______.
[A]Gymnosperms, cones
[B]Angiosperms, fruits
[C]Angiosperms, flowers
[D]Gymnosperms, fruits