Thursday, November 20, 2014

Science Quiz - Are you scientifically literate! - 20 Nov 2014

1. Elements essential for the growth of plants include _____________________.
[D]Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus

2. In both monocots and dicots, xylem and phloem cells are produced in a meristematic zone called the ______________________.
[A]Zone of elongation
[B]Vascular Cambium
[C]Apical meristem
[D]Quiescent zone

3. What is the main function of the excretory system?
[A]Get rid of waste products from your cells
[B]To excrete saliva
[C]Break down food for digestion
[D]Circulate oxygen

4. Which of the folllowing is an example of waste product?
[A]Unhealthy food
[C]Extra water and salts
[D]Fruits and vegetables

5. ________________ is not an organ of the excretory system.

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