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Thursday, November 27, 2014

IPC - Indian Policy and Constitution Quiz - 26 Nov 2014

1. The Presidential government operates on the principle of _____________________.
[A]Separation of powers
[B]Balance of powers
[C]Centralisation of powers
[D]Division of powers between centre amd states

2. Which schedule of constitution of India contains special provisions for the administration and control of scheduled areas in several states?

3. The Unitary system of government possesses which of the following advantages?
[A]Strong state
[B]Greater adaptability
[C]Greater participation by the people
[D]Lesser chances of authoritarianism

4. At which of the following sessions, did the Congress officially accept the Socialist pattern of the society?
[A]Nagpur session of 1959
[B]Calcutta Session of 1957
[C]Bombay session of 1953
[D]Avadi session of 1955

5. Who among the following gave the following statement about the Indian Constitution? "Indian Constitution strikes a good balance between extreme rigidity and too much flexibility"