Monday, November 17, 2014

General Studies Paper Indian Polity Quiz - 17 Nov 2014

1. Who among the following is the final interpreter and guardian of Indian constitution?
[A]Supreme Court
[B]Supreme Court and High Court
[C]Prime Minister

2. Which British India Act has separated the representation of Muslim Community?
[A]Indian Council Act, 1892
[B]Indian Council Act, 1909
[C]Government of India Act, 1935
[D]Government of India Act, 1892

3. On the day of adoption of the Constitution i.e., 26th November 1949 how many members were present and signed the approved Constitution?

4. The Drafting Committee of the Constitution including the chairman, comprised of ______________.
[A]9 members
[B]7 members
[C]10 members
[D]12 members

5. The Constitution of India was enacted by a Constituent Assembly set up ______________________________.
[A]By the Indian National Congress
[B]Under the Indian Independence Act, 1947
[C]Under the Cabinet Mission Plan, 1946
[D]Under a resolution of the Provincial Government

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