Monday, November 17, 2014

General Science Quiz Questions with Answers - 17 Nov 2014

1. Sea stars are genetically different from each other and from their parents. These genetic differences are the result of ____________________.
[A]Sexual Reproduction
[B]Asexual Reproduction

2. Objects in motion will ______________________ until acted upon by another force.
[A]Lose potential energy
[B]Lose kinetic energy
[C]Remain in motion
[D]Lose both potential and kinetic energy

3. Generally, as you move from the equator to the poles, ______________________________________.
[A]The number of mammalian species increases
[B]The number of mammalian species decreases
[C]The number of mammalian species remains the same
[D]The number of mammalian species varies without any discernable pattern, which proves the individualistic model

4. What are the two types of pure substances?
[A]Elements and Subatomic particles
[B]Protons and electrons
[C]Atoms and compounds
[D]Homogeneous and Hetrogeneous

5. Which among the following are used in the gemstone industry to change white topaz into blue topaz?
[A]Gamma rays
[C]Alpha radiation
[D]Beta radiation

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