Wednesday, October 22, 2014

MCQ Online Practice Test General Science - 22 Oct 2014

1. Distillation at reduced pressure is used for liquids which have _______________.
[A]High boiling points
[B]Low boiling points
[C]High volatility
[D]Decomposed before their boiling points

2. Which of the following has the minimum incubation period comparing to other ones?
[C]Small Pox

3. Which of the following is not correctly matched?
[A]White Gold: Gold and Silver
[B]Duralumin: Copper and Aluminium
[C]Brass: Copper and Zinc
[D]Constantan: Copper and Nickel

4. Which among the following first increases and then decreases in the period of a periodic table?
[A]Chemical recativeness
[C]Electron affinity
[D]Metallic property

5. What percentage of body's calcium is stored in bones and teeth?

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