Thursday, September 18, 2014

Indian Polity for IES,RRB Group-D,Indian Airforce Exams - 18 Sep 2014

1. How many matters are listed in Schedule XII added by 74th Amendment, which are responsibility of the municipalities?

2. Which of the following Lok Sabha had the shortest duration?
[A]10th Lok Sabha
[B]11th Lok Sabha
[C]12th Lok Sabha
[D]14th Lok Sabha

3. The Proposed Article 47(A) by Constitution Review Commission of Justice M N Venkatchaliah in the directive Principles of state policy is related to which of the following?
[A]Action against terrorism and terror activities
[B]Control of population
[C]Set up national education commission
[D]To amend the part IV and read it as Directive principles of State Policy and action

4. Which among the following is in concurrent list ?
[A]Bankruptcy and insolvency
[B]Production, supply and distribution of goods
[C]Estate duty in respect of property other than agricultural land
[D]Foreign loans

5. In which of the following decade India saw, maximum number of Prime Ministers?

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