Friday, August 1, 2014

UPSC IAS Civil Service Examination Indian Polity and Constitution - 1 August 2014

1. The Vice President is elected by an electoral college comprising votes of __________________________________.
[A]Members of Parliament and members of Legislative Assemblies
[B]Only members of Parliament
[C]Members of Rajya Sabha
[D]Members of Parliament,members of Legislative Assemblies and members of Legislative Councils

2. A minister in Union Government is individually responsible to ______________________.
[C]Prime Minister
[D]Council of Ministers

3. Sikkim became a new state in the Union by _______ Amendment Act.

4. Sindhi language was included in the list of official languages in the 8th schedule of our constitution in which year?

5. The age of retirement for judges of supreme court and high court is ______________ respectively.
[A]62 and 60
[B]63 and 60
[C]65 and 62
[D]65 for both

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