Monday, August 4, 2014

Can You Answer Basic Science Questions - 4 August 2014

1. In which of the following, the cellular power plants - Mitochondria are absent?
[A]Brown Algae
[C]Green Algae
[D]Red Algae

2. Scientist from which of the following country have been able to develop first synthetic living cell in 2010?

3. British scientist J.J.Thomson was awarded Nobel Prize in Physics in 1906 for discovery of which of the following particle?

4. Who among the following is known to manufacture first 'Cyclotron'?
[A]Max Born
[B]Niels Bohr
[C]Ernest Lawrence

5. Which among the following is the correct location of pyloric sphincter in human body?
[A]Between esophagus and stomach
[B]Between stomach and duodenum
[C]Between oral cavity and esophagus
[D]Between jejunum and ileum

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