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Monday, July 7, 2014

Indian Polity, Policies and Constitution Knowledge QA Quiz - 07 July 2014

1. The Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity is a subordinate office of which of the following Ministries?
[A]Ministry of Corporate Affairs
[B]Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
[C]Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
[D]Ministry of Culture

2. In which year Railway budget was separated from the Central budget?

3. The Constitutional Amendment relating to the declaration of emergency(1978) requires the President of India to act in accordance with the ____________________________________________.
[A]Advice of the Supreme Court
[B]Advice of the Union Cabinet
[C]Advice of the Attorney General for India
[D]Collective advcie of the council of ministers

4. The authority to specify which castes shall be deemed to be Schedule Castes rests with the ___________________.
[A]Prime Minister
[C]Commission for Scheduled Castes & Tribes

5. Which among the following can be called a writ of prohibition?
[A]A writ isssued by Supreme court or high court to inferior court
[B]A writ issued by high court or supreme court to inferior court
[C]A writ issued by a inferior court to high court
[D]A writ issued by the state government to the inferior court