Monday, July 7, 2014

GK Today Questions Answers Quiz - 07 July 2014

1. Which dam witholds the largest water reservoir in India?
[Category: Biggest in India GK]
[A]Hirakund dam
[B]Krishnarajasagar dam
[C]Mettur dam
[D]Indirasagar dam

2. Who is the author of the book "Speaking of Myself"?
[Category: Books and Authors GK]
[A]Cherie Blair
[B]Salman Rushdie
[C]Mohammad Hanif
[D]Alistair Cooke

3. India has largest deposits of __________ in the world.
[Category: India GK]

4. When was India's first ocean wave's energy project launched?
[Category: Indias First GK]

5. How many times has Brazil won the World Cup Football Championship?
[Category: Sports GK]
[A]Four times
[B]Five times
[C]Six times
[D]Three times

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