Monday, June 16, 2014

GS Prelims/Mains Preparation for Indian Polity Constitution - 16 June 2014

1. When is the union budget presented in the Parliament each year?
[A]Last day of February
[B]Last day of January
[C]Last day of March
[D]Last day of December

2. What is the maximum number of elected members of a state assembly?

3. Which article of the constitution provides Indian citizens, "Right to Equality"?
[A]Article 90
[B]Article 14
[C]Article 72
[D]Article 121

4. Which article provides special status to the state Jammu & Kashmir?
[A]Article 260
[B]Article 320
[C]Article 370
[D]Article 350

5. What is the minimum number of members required for a state legislative assembly?

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