Monday, June 16, 2014

General Science Daily Quiz - 16 June 2014

1. Which gas is mainly responsible for global warming?
[A]Nitrous oxide
[B]Carbon dioxide
[C]Nitrogen peroxide
[D]Carbon monoxide

2. The general direct flow of summer monsoon in India is from ______________________.
[A]South West to South East
[B]North West to South East
[C]From East to West
[D]From South to North

3. Which cells lack a nucleus?
[A]Red blood corpuscles
[B]White blood corpuscles
[D]Flame cell

4. The blue colour of the clear sky is _________________________________.
[A]Dispersion of light
[B]Refraction of light
[C]Diversion of light
[D]Reflection of light

5. Spinach leaves are a rich source of ______________.
[A]Vitamin C
[C]Vitamin A
[D]Vitamin D

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