Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Questions Answers for Competitions in General Science: 20 May 2014

1. The earth spins at _________ mph, but it travels through space, at an incredible 67,000 mph.

2. Which famous Italian physicist and mathematician invented the barometer?
[A]Evangelista Torricelli
[B]Charles Babbage
[C]Thomas Edison
[D]Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel

3. Which scientist invented electric bulb, telegraph devices, phonograph and carbon transmitter?
[A]Isaac Newton
[B]Thomas Edison
[C]Albert Einstein
[D]Fritz Pfleumer

4. Who was awarded the Nobel Prize for discovering insulin in 1923?
[A]Konrad Zuse
[B]Frederick Banting
[C]Samuel Morse
[D]Guglielmo Marconi

5. The human saliva contains a painkiller called ____________which is six times more powerful than morphine.

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