Tuesday, May 20, 2014

IAS Helper Questions Answers | Indian Polity and Constitution | 20 May 2014

1. The Supreme Court of India propounded the theory of the basic Constitution of India in ________________________ case.
[A]Minerva Mills
[B]Keshvanand Bharati case
[C]Golak Nath
[D]Godhra Riots

2. The sixth part of the Constitution of India is not applicable to ________________ state.
[A]Jammu and Kashmir
[B]Andhra Pradesh

3. What is the sanctioned strength of Supreme Court judges including the Chief Justice of India?

4. As per the ______ Ammendment Act, Delhi was designated as the National Capital territory of India.

5. A three tier Panchayat in India is anticipated for states with population above _______ lakhs.
[A]12 lakhs
[B]9 lakhs
[C]20 lakhs
[D]18 lakhs

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