Saturday, January 5, 2013

Daily Current Affairs Quiz: 5 January 2013

1. An ambitious project to create a comprehensive and integrated system for effective policing and sharing data of crimes and criminals among 14,000 police stations across the country was formally launched in New Delhi on Friday, 4th January 2013. The Rs 2,000 crore project, spans across all the 35 states and Union Territories. It will be connected to a total of more than 21,000 locations. What is the name of the project?
[Category: National Current Affairs]
[A] Investigating crime and detection of criminals (ICDC)
[B] Crime Detection Network (CDN)
[C] Criminals Tracking System (CTS)
[D] Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems (CCTNS)

2. Who won the CEAT international cricketer of the year 2011-12 award on Friday, 4th Jan 2013?
[Category: Sports Current Affairs]
[A] Virat Kohli
[B] Hashim Amla
[C] Kumar Sangakkara
[D] Michael Clarke

3. On New Year eve, which country rang in the new year with its first ever public midnight countdown?
[Category: World Current Affairs]
[A] Australia
[C] Myanmar
[D] Afghanistan

4. Switzerland's oldest bank announces on 4th Jan 2013 that it will close after being fined by U.S. authorities for enabling tax evasion. The bank pleaded guilty in a New York court in January 2013 for allowing more than 100 American citizens to hide $1.2 billion from the Internal Revenue Service over a 10 year period. The bank agreed to pay $57.8 million in fines to US authorities. Can you name the bank?
[Category: Bank Current Affairs]
[A] Landolt & Cie
[B] Wegelin & Co.
[C] Berenberg Bank
[D] Credit Suisse

5. Diesel, kerosene and cooking gas LPG prices may be hiked soon as the government considers the appointed Committee's recommendations on cutting fiscal deficit. The Committee, which was appointed by finance ministry to suggest a roadmap for fiscal consolidation, has suggested immediate hike in fuel prices and complete deregulation of diesel prices by start of 2014-15 fiscal. It also suggested raising kerosene and LPG rates. What is the name of the committee?
[Category: Indian Economy Current Affairs]
[A] Kirit Parikh Committee
[B] V S Nair Committee
[C] Vijay Kelkar Committee
[D] D S Patel Committee

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